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The Meaning of True Development

MTD is the MTD, which collectively has a
long established track record in civil engineering and construction, manufacturing,
infrastructure concessions, energy, port operations, real estate & property
development, and operations and maintenance (O&M).


MTD is based in Malaysia, a leading Asian infrasturucture conglomerate operating in the global market. It is actively present in 13 countries notable in the Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Philippines, Chile and China.

The Construction and Engineering division has extensive experience in the development of mountain roads, highways, bridges, building geotechnical works, erosion control and highway maintenance. MTD has successfully completed, among others, the construction of the 36-kilometre South Luzon Expressway in the Philippines.



To be the preferred and most trusted ally in providing world-class and high-quality products and services for civil engineering and construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, real estate, office and property development, and in operation, management and maintenance, that gives Meaning to True Development in communities around the world.


Establish world-class one-stop-shop regional government centers in one accessible location per region across the country through public-private partnerships that will bring Government closer to the people with the end in view of ensuring quick, hassle-free and efficient quality public service our people truly deserve.