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Our Mission to deliver..

One-stop-shop Regional Government Centers in one accessible location per region across the country through public-private
partnerships (PPP) that will bring Government closer to the people with the end in view of ensuring quick, hassle-free, efficient and high-quality
public service for our people!


We not only offer world-class facilities where our public servants can be motivated and inspired
to continually provide better public services, but more importantly, we are committed to give
comfort and convenience to our people!

- Engr. Isaac S. David


In 1989, the concept of a regional center for Southern TagalogRegion was initially discussed at the NEDA Regional Development Council (RDC).

The proposal for an integrated government center for all regional offices is a response to the national government’s efforts to provide comfort and convenience to the public and empower regional constituencies by decentralizing government’s powers and functions. Having all regional offices of government agencies in one place, i.e. in Calamba City – the hometown of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, will promote better governance and faster delivery of services. The realization of this huge undertaking is seen to contribute in sustaining and strengthening Calabarzon’s bid as one of Asia’s premier industrial hub.

The RGC is envisioned to become the impetus for countryside development. A new era begins!